Erma Clean, decontamination line

Erma Clean

Our UVC decontamination line

With its experience in the cosmetics market, including the creation of paint lines dedicated to the application of UV varnishes, ERMA Concept offers and designs custom decontamination solutions with UVc lamps or LEDs.

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For many years, UV germicidal lamps have been used for air and surface disinfection in hospitals, laboratories, food processing and many other organizations where hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance. With regard to the current epidemic or any other virus, UVc is a real bulwark to help reduce and control possible spread.

As a result of this high demand and thanks to our wide range of conveyors, we are able to offer you ERMA Clean, an adapted solution offering quantified commitments thanks to effective measurements made beforehand.

m2 of floor space / Millions per year of production capacity

Maximum conveyor speed in m/min

Strengths: Repeatability, Control, Measurement and Efficiency

Erma Clean

Composition of the decontamination offer

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You have a decontamination project?

Contact our experts to present your needs, we will accompany you from design to installation of your UVC decontamination line
Erma Clean

Composition of the decontamination line offer

Guarantee of results

Sizing of the number of emitters and their arrangement per simulator according to the type to be treated. Measurement of the effectiveness of the treatment in the laboratory

Water curtain cabins

2 to 4 m wide cabin with double deck up to the conveyor, waterfall and washing chamber

Stainless steel booths for liquid metallization

Cabin up to 5m wide all stainless steel with mixed filtration system, shock baffles and droplet separators.