Automation and remote assistance


In order to optimize the performance of your ERMA production tool, we are able to intervene - without moving - thanks to the implementation of a remote connection. This connection allows us to establish a diagnosis and to accompany your teams in the resolution of the problems of automatisms or/and electric.

In more than 80% of the cases, your teams get your automatic painting lines up and running again very quickly thanks to our exchanges. This remote collaboration allows you to reduce the time needed to find the problems encountered, to overcome a specific malfunction, to minimize the stoppages of your production or even to plan a possible consolidation intervention in your premises.

Additional remote training can be organized if your production teams feel the need: use, programming, understanding of automation...

Finally, our "software" innovations in terms of reporting, diagnostics or interface allow you to develop and improve your ERMA tool.

Remote assistance and modification

The systematic implementation of remote connection on our machines as well as the availability of our experts by email or by phone allow you to obtain a fast diagnosis then the resolution of your problems thanks to the orientation and the accompaniment of your competent services.

Additional training for your employees can be provided by remote control of the machine interface and simultaneous telephone contact.

This solution allows us to :

  • Reduce equipment downtime due to rapid diagnosis
  • Reduce the intervention costs that this could generate
  • Increase machine availability
  • Complete the training of your teams on the use of the machine.

We also offer you modifications and updates on the software, whether it is to follow functional modifications of the machine or to improve your productivity.

At ERMA Concept, we guarantee you a high-performance tool and the latest improvements designed by our teams.