After Sales Service

Sensitive to your success and growth, our commitment to our customers goes beyond the supply of industrial equipment as we offer a wide range of services!  

Your feedback on the use and maintenance of your ERMA Concept paint lines is essential for us to be able to provide you with our support and expertise in the face of any difficulties you may encounter.

Our entire team is at your disposal for the management or supply of spare parts, assistance and maintenance of your ERMA Concept equipment.

In order to offer you a complete service that meets your expectations, we deploy an after-sales service offer to allow you to maintain your industrial tool in the best conditions.

Having a stock of spare parts for the current parts of our machines, we are also able to produce all the parts of your automatic painting line ERMA Concept. Depending on the criticality of your request, an emergency procedure can be implemented to minimize the impact on your production.

Within the framework of your guarantee and according to the contract subscribed, we also ensure a software assistance of our machines allowing to carry out and improve the control program thanks to the remote connection.

Spare parts

Our on-site stock allows us to respond quickly to most of our customers' requests. Thanks to our price list, updated every year, these parts can be ordered without prior consultation in order to increase our reactivity.


For any other specific request requiring a personalized production, we commit ourselves to answer you within 24 hours. 

Intervention on site

Our experience and our teams are at your disposal for the realization of an audit of the functioning of your industrial tool ERMA in order to produce a report of recommendation of preventive and/or curative maintenance.

We can also assist your teams or directly carry out the interventions on your site with our teams dedicated to this service according to an estimate established according to your needs.

Automation and remote assistance

We are able to able to identify and solve the majority of problems during a remote remote control. This allows us to perform a complete analysis of the production parameters while collaborating with your team through our telephone support.

This approach allows us to determine the need for a physical intervention and optimize its preparation. preparation.

Hardware and software expertise

The experience of our teams allows us to offer you our expertise for the maintenance and
the evolutions of your existing installations.

Associated with the knowledge of your ERMA Concept paint lines, our skills in programming languages and software allow us to contribute to the continuous improvement
of your performance, your productivity and your machines.

Do you need to take over your programs, make changes to your equipment or train your maintenance teams? Contact us for more information!