Erma Plast, painting on plastic

Erma Plast

Our specialized plastic line

ERMA Plast is our range of machines dedicated to the decoration of plastic parts for the activities: cosmetics, perfumery and automotive subcontracting.

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This range integrates our special conveyors for part by part or cluster application. Robust, reliable and precise, it offers a variable speed range up to 15 m/min, with specific surface treatment (blowing, flaming, brushing...), as well as dry filtration booths with shock baffles specific to UV varnishes.

We are also able to integrate application solutions with fixed spray gun booms with the recording of parameters in the form of a recipe, reciprocators or even with multi-axis robots.

For this Plast range, we design and manufacture our own custom-made UV insulators, as well as 80°C curing ovens*.

We can also propose you on request, in automatic, the manual loading and unloading according to a preliminary study.

*Custom-made UV insulation SAS with active rotator and inlet/outlet connection SAS equipped with anti UV baffles.

Erma Plast

Advantages of our plastic conveyor

Specially designed for small diameter parts, the PLAST conveyor with aminimum pitch of 25.4 mm, extends our range of conveyors.

Directly inspired by our glass conveyors with 50 mm or 41.75 mm pitch, this PLAST conveyor offers the same advantages:

  • Robustness
  • Speed range up to 15 m/min
  • Rack and pinion rotator to engage the spindles
  • Automatic oiler
  • Pneumatic tensioner
  • Maximum temperature 80°C in standard version, 250°C in special version

Required installation area in m2 (excluding air handling unit)

Number of compensated cabins

Compensation air in m3/h of the air handling unit

Erma Palst

Composition of the glass line offer

Erma Plast logo

You have a painting project on plastic?

Contact our experts to present your needs, we will accompany you from design to installation.
Erma Glass

Composition of the glass line offer

Dry cabins

Cabins with up to 5 filtration levels on 1 or 2 levels

Water curtain cabins

2 to 4 m wide cabin with double deck up to the conveyor, waterfall and washing chamber

Stainless steel booths for liquid metallization

Cabin up to 5m wide all stainless steel with mixed filtration system, shock baffles and droplet separators.

Application booth for electrostatic bowl

Specific manufacture in antistatic panel with integration of reciprocator for the application to the electrostatic bowl.

Application robot integration

Integration of specific atex robot for automated painting application.

Glass conveyor

Specific glass conveyor with 41,75 mm or 50 mm pitch or other to be developed.

Loading / unloading system

We offer automated loading/unloading systems through robot integration or specific systems

Mixed oven Infrared Hot air

ERMA oven integrating multizone IR and hot air for temperature maintenance

Central air unit

Integration of cooling unit, air stream burner and humidifier

Flaming, ionization, blowing

We offer flaming solutions (pirosil or standard), blowing by rotary nozzles and ionization.

Ergonomic control panel and control tablet

We integrate our standard and proven modules to create your custom solution

User friendly

Use of tablets and wifi networking of your installation

Remote assistance package

Remote assistance of your installation for resolution and or improvement of your production tools